Creating your business

From business model to business plan: which path?

There are several steps to follow in order to go from the founding idea to the final launch of your company. You are in the start-up phase of your entrepreneurial journey, and the first step is to create your business…

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Want to start a business: Who should I meet?

You probably have an innovative business idea in mind and are certainly ready to turn your business idea into reality. You’ll want to gather information as part of the planning process, conduct an analysis and make sure your business concept…

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What is a business angel?

The term business angel is common in the business world. But what exactly is a business angel? Focus on the subject. A talented adventurer An adventurer is an individual who evolves in the unknown, and especially a person who likes…

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What is the purpose of market research?

In a field where it is essential to remain competitive, a commercial enterprise constantly needs to conceive and conquer new markets. Before embarking on a commercial project, it must conduct marketing research. A market study or a marketing study is…

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