Health and well-being at work

Why has well-being in the workplace become one of the major issues for managers?

Well-being at work is more than a vague concept. For some time now, it has become one of the main topics of debate in companies, a real issue that leads to a high rate of absenteeism due to work-related accidents…

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What are the professions most concerned by the drudgery at work?

Most of the professions nowadays are almost all concerned by the drudgery at work. Indeed, employees are exposed to occupational risks, including psychological risks and physical risks, which affect them directly. When is an occupation considered to be arduous? In…

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Suffering at work: who to call in case of psychological distress?

Faced with suffering at work or psychological distress, employees have difficulty finding their way around. This article informs you about the causes of unhappiness at work and advises you on who to call. Suffering at work: what is it? Suffering…

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