From business model to business plan: which path?

There are several steps to follow in order to go from the founding idea to the final launch of your company. You are in the start-up phase of your entrepreneurial journey, and the first step is to create your business model or business plan. People who want to start their own business often tend to put aside the business plan. Neglecting the crucial step of developing a business plan when you want to start a company is like building a house without established plans. Discover the path of the business model or business plan.

What is a business plan?

Depending on the type of project, the business plan is a written file of 20 to 50 pages that helps you structure your project by confirming many essential questions. It gives you the opportunity to gather your ideas and organize them to study the feasibility of your business or company creation program. The business plan is an indispensable factor in the promoter's journey. It is advisable to make it properly because it represents the roadmap of the project. The business plan will determine the viability of the project and give coherence to your project. There are as many business plans as there are promoters or entrepreneurs. The business plan must be the written description of the project of creation of company. It must include some information.

The reasons for the realization of a business plan

The business plan will give you a general vision of the activity of your company. It will allow you to choose the right strategic decisions according to your market and its evolution. The business plan will allow you to grasp more easily the resources and the needs necessary for the activity of the company. It is a real means of steering the company. It gives you the possibility to establish the economic plan model of the company's activity, by looking for the way to self-finance the company and to generate profitability. The business plan is a strong argument to convince the banks. If you want to obtain a loan for your program, it can prove the feasibility and solvency of the project and bring credibility.

How does a business plan work?

In general, each business plan is uneven. However, it is composed of parts such as the summary of the project, the market, the offer, the team and actors of the project, the commercial strategy, the legal, the appendices, the financial forecast. It is necessary to prioritize the information, to have a solid structure. It is also advisable to highlight the necessary passages to facilitate reading. It is preferable to embellish the business plan with images, graphs and tables related to your project. The business plan is also a springboard to attract major investors.
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